„Ungarn, Orbán, vorerst Comedy-Faschismus“

Viktor Orbán, Ministerpräsident von Ungarn, wird ja von der AfD und Teilen der CSU sehr geschätzt. o.O Vielleicht finden wir in Orbáns Botschaften an die ungarische Bevölkerung einen Hinweis, warum das so ist…

Ungarn - Orban - Vorerst Comedy-Faschismus - Logo

  1. Hungary will not allow dark-skinned Muslim refugees or immigrants to enter the country, and will resist all forces of „mongrelization“ (masquerading as „multiculturalism“, „internationalism“ and „cosmopolitanism“), which seek to destroy „White Christian Europe“;
  2. Hungary will not disarm in the face of “political correctness,” which is nothing more than godless communism;
  3. Mongrelization„, or the dilution of Hungary’s racial stock, is pushed by the „international Jew“ George Soros, who bankrolls the anti-national, liberal-Bolshevik Hungarian opposition and who will even harm the only kind of Jew we like, the religious Zionist. Our dear friend, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, agrees with us as he, too, hates the Yids;
  4. The European Union, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the western press, the social-democratic, liberal, and Green parties are simple tools in the hands of George Soros — that is, of rootless cosmopolitan Jewry;
  5. Pope Francis is an internationalist liberal Bolshevik;
  6. „Gender madness“ or „genderism“, „radical feminism“, „human-rightsism“, gay marriage, the Istanbul treaty (which prohibits domestic violence against women and children) — all of these will suppress the Christian family and make „faggotry“ the new model of morality;
  7. We shall save Europe from itself, which allows Muslim terrorists and hard-left rioters to plunge it into chaos, unlike the true allies of Christianity like Erdoğan, al-Sisi, Berdimuhamedov, Aliyev, and the rest;
  8. The Roma people — just like Muslims — cannot be integrated because they do not like to work. They ought to be disciplined, separated, segregated, and, if need be, resettled;
  9. Freemasons, illuminati, cultural Marxists, stock-exchange speculators, anarchists, and sundry intellectuals wish to convince us to renounce anti-Romanian revanchism and irredentism because they have, of course, no understanding of our souls;
  10. Our main enemies are journalists and human rights groups in the pay of You-Know-Who.

Man muss da kein ausgesuchter Geschichtsexperte sein, um einen gewissen Verdacht zu haben, welch Geistes Kind Orbán und seine Partei Fidesz – Ungarischer Bürgerbund sind. Wer noch am überlegen ist, kann ja mal ein Geschichtsbuch ab 1930 aufschlagen, auch wenn die ungarische Zusammenstellung in Teilen ganz einfach schlechte Comedy ist. Und auch auf der Straße so umgesetzt wird… -_-

>> A few weeks ago, in a small town in Hungary, two Catholic nuns were stopped on the street and berated by people yelling, „Migrants! Migrants!“ After pushing the old ladies a bit, they called the police, believing they had seen Muslim women in a burqa and hijab. The police saved the nuns from the Christian crowd. << [Link]

Am Ende wird uns allen das Lachen wohl aber noch im Hals steckenbleiben…

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